About us

Behind the MediaHeart web agency we're a little group of nimble young men with different IT & WEB passions and we're looking for doing professional and challenging projects that can make a business grow and succeed.

Our goals

The contentment of the client by developing, stimulating and spreading the word about his business, product or occupation represents our main goal.

On the other hand, the satisfaction of the work we're doing along with the money and experience feeds our passion for computers and for realizing sophisticated and practical projects that are productive for both sides.



* We have chosen to display only the projects that we like design-wise.

Clients' opinions

Andronic Catalin,

My websites are among the most popular and definetly the most goodlooking in the home-decoration field.

Francu Eugen,

I've turned to MediaHeart's services for modernizing two sites I have.
It didn't take long and my websites transformed dramatically. I'm contented!

Filip Constantin,

This agency is taking care of my image, businesses and activities on the internet and they're doing a good job.


We're living in the digital era and the ones who are not keeping the step with technological innovations are left behind, unknown and excluded, and that's the biggest mistake when it comes to businesses.
We're offering a large scope of IT services that can increase your incomes by making your business, product or profession more popular and competitive.

3000 E
WEB Design
1000 E
Web Develop
2000 E

500 E
SEO Services
500 E
Email Marketing
2000 E
* Prices are given as a guide and they can increase along with the complexity of the project.
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